The only place I can find your scents is to order them direct. Can you help me with this?

Dealers aren’t easily persuaded to carry new products, especially if it’s the manufacturer that contacts them. Your best bet is to let your local dealer know you’ll indeed buy this product if they’ll simply put it on their shelf. Usually that’s all a dealer needs to know to get interested in carrying any product line. If you must continue ordering direct, please try and place your order in advance so it won’t be held up during our busy season.

What does it mean when I have dropping in my mock scrape? What about new scrapes or rubs too?

Congratulations on finding chemistry that works on wild deer. Droppings in your synthetic scrape is a huge bonus. Deer responding positively will often urinate, leave droppings, and/or scent communicate on your licking branch. In addition they sometimes increase their scent marking by making new scrapes and/or rubs in the area. As long as deer don’t move out of the area for new food, better cover, or because of heavy pressure, this location should pay good dividends.

I’ve had trouble with my Forehead Gland sprayer plugging up. What should I do?

Here’s what we currently know. We purposely add elements to make this formula crystallize. The benefits of creating this solid residue for scent hunters are huge. This causes Forehead Gland to become time-released for months and water (or rain) also re-activates it instead of washing it away. However, this chemistry seems to be creating problems and plugging our fine mist sprayers (which aids in hunter application). We’re currently testing new sprayers to find a better solution. We may have found one that is working better and will probably switch before long. But even if we must eliminate the sprayer option all together we refuse to change our formula. In fact, we know it’s because of our special formula that we get the best deer hunting results. Meanwhile a few hunters have bought some small sprayer bottles from the discount store that seem to be working for them. Hang in there with us and we’ll resolve this before too much longer.

I hunt in very cold conditions. Do you have a product that won’t freeze-up, even in a dripper?

We’ve tested Pre-Post Rut down to -35 degrees below zero in a glass container, and it didn’t freeze. Each of our other products (including Vanishing Hunter) seem to freeze at right around 32 degrees. But even if they freeze, their overall performance is not affected after they thaw. In fact, we’ve heard of hunters making small frozen Rut balls (popsickles) on a string and using them very effectively in freezing temperatures.

Which product or products are used more within your Synthetic Scent System?

The two products most successful hunters use more of are Vanishing Hunter and Pre-Post Rut. Our serious hunters seem to use Vanishing Hunter almost like it’s water. And once they achieve going totally undetected they never go back. Our most serious scrape hunters also use a great deal of Pre-Post Rut in their synthetic scrapes and even scent trails. This seems to be a common thread among those having the greatest results and deer hunting success.

Your Forehead Gland smells sweet, kind of like vanilla or maybe a flat root beer. What’s up with that?

We don’t really care what it smells like as long as it works on wild deer, do you? Also realize our human nose doesn’t even remotely compare to that of a deer. And we’ve scientifically designed this formula with additional underlying odors and long-term chemistry that attract deer as well. In fact, we understand through both odor and chemistry why Forehead Gland attracts wild deer better than anything we’ve ever used…and attract them it does!

Which are your best products and/or the best way to use BF-Synthetics?

BF-Synthetics were designed by our founder Kevin Kreh as a complete system. And we definitely recommend using his entire scent “recipe” for success. First, begin by using Vanishing Hunter to eliminate your human (or predator) odor. Once you experience never being busted again you’ll never hunt without first using VH. After you’re scent-free, use one of our urines (Pre/Post Rut or Rut, depending on timing) in scrapes and/or scent trails. Use FGland for scent communication on licking branches, rubs, or the vegetation around your setups. Always make your synthetic setups in runways (preferred travel) with overhanging branches (needed for scent communication). One major secret is to setup a row (several in a line) of synthetic scrapes and/or rubs. Finally, only use this system as a scouting tool as deer let you know by their response (or non-response) whether they like your setup area or not. For detailed information about best setups watch either of our videos and/or read our “Directions for best results” document.

If I buy any BF-Synthetic product this year and don’t use it all, will it still be good for next year?

Yes, each and every one of our products have an infinite shelf life and basically never spoil (note however, that odor and appearance may change some with age). Kevin Kreh (our founder) was using 5-year-old product to take a monster buck while hunting in Kentucky. And thus we know that age makes absolutely no difference in overall performance. Plus they require no additional or special care, such as freezing or refrigeration. We also know that overall product performance is unaffected by exposure to extreme temperatures or even direct sunlight. Enjoy new benefits and greater scent results without hassling with the old problems with “natural” scents.

My bottles of Rut and Pre/Post Rut smell like ammonia. Did they spoil? Won’t this odor spook deer?

We actually make both of our urine formulas smell this way on purpose. That’s because due to natural chemistry, all fresh mammal urine (including deer) begins smelling like ammonia within minutes. So we purposely add ammonia to our chemistry for a quicker response. This gives us the added benefits of both a quick odor response, plus a long-term or chemistry response. Please understand that it’s solely urine’s bacterial breakdown odor (what we call the outhouse odor) that alarms deer. And we also know that urine’s “fresh” ammonia odor will never spook any deer! For detailed information on urine and ammonia odor read our “Urine Report” document.