Buck Fever Pro Pack All Season

Our pro pack of scents supplies the serious deer hunter a season’s worth of deer scents and scent control!


Vanishing Hunter

The number one scent elimination product on the market because it neutralizes odors caused by bacteria, neutralizes odor-rich lactic acid, and stops the formation of gases.


Pre-Post Scrape

Blows away real deer urine in a bottle! This synthetic urine formula can be used to condition deer into frequenting an area year round.


Forehead Gland

BF F-Gland simulates fresh forehead gland activity and can be used above scrapes and on trails and vegetation year round.


Buck Fever Rut Scent

A dominant buck urine formula, BF-Rut blows away all bottled "hot doe" or "dominant buck" pee! Use BF-Rut mainly in scrapes, on scent trails or around your stand.


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