Buck Fever Buck Pix

Everything you need to inventory your deer with a trail camera. Includes:

  • Vanishing Hunter: scent elimination spray
  • Branch Action: synthetic overhead licking branch scent
  • Dirt Fusion: synthetic deer urine for real or mock scrapes
  • 8GB SD Card: Storage media for your trail camera


Vanishing Hunter

The number one scent elimination product on the market because it neutralizes odors caused by bacteria, neutralizes odor-rich lactic acid, and stops the formation of gases.


Branch Action

Branch Action is a synthetic scent that replicates the scent that bucks deposit on overhanging branches (licking branches) of scrapes. This scent is great over a mock scrape and in front of a trail camera so you can inventory your deer herd! Just a couple squirts on the licking branch is all you need. Always fresh, never spoils!


Dirt Fusion

Dirt Fusion is a synthetic deer urine (deer pee) used in real and mock scrapes to stimulate communication between bucks. This makes an excellent tool for luring in bucks during hunting season, as well as a year round tool for taking inventory of your deer herd!


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