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NextBuk Outdoors (formerly Blood Brothers Outdoors) makes tactical hunting videos focused on how to consistently kill big bucks year after year in specific types of terrain. Their focus is on public lands, small parcels, and do-it-yourself style hunting. They grew tired of the cookie-cutter format you see in hunting videos these days…outfitted hunt after outfitted hunt where “professional” hunters are placed in trees. And who can decipher any real information with all the relentless sponsor plugs and infomercials getting in the way. These are hardcore, experienced guys that have proven success in the kind of terrain 90% of us hunters spend 90% of the season hunting. They know that deer bed and move based on their surroundings, so when the terrain changes, their methods change. Their raw, unbiased tactics will work for you too if you’re willing to put in the effort. “Scout. Scout. Hunt.” is their motto. More about NextBuk Outdoors and hunting videos by NextBuk Outdoors.

midwest whitetail pursuitMidwest Whitetail Pursuit

Michigan Whitetail Pursuit is a group of hunters with a passion for pursuing bucks and does primarily with a bow in the pressured state of Michigan. Their DVD has a style like no other and is powered with excitement and competition. From age 10 and up, our diverse and enthralling guys and girls bring you unique and tough hunts from suburban 4 acre chunks of brush to public land marshes. Coming in Full HD and available for preorder in October 2010…be waiting! Like nothing you have ever seen before. 100% Genuine Fair Chase and 100% Michigan. Visit MWP’s website.